Patti presents the five Molding Pastes available from Golden Artist Colors, with some insight about their content, working properties and common applications as a ground for drawing and painting, as a media for carving, or adding texture to painting. Molding pastes are extremely versatile and loaded with potential for artists.

Patti Brady demonstrates techniques using porous and non-porous surfaces for washing, painting and pouring with acrylic paints. This demonstration uses Course Pumice Gel, Molding Paste, Fluid and Airbrush Acrylic colors.

In this video workshop, GOLDEN artist colors Working Artist Program Director, Patti Brady, shows you several different ways to transfer images to your favorite surfaces with acrylics, including techniques for immediate, overnight and printed transfers. These techniques will allow you to expand your painting process to include additional layers of interest as you incorporate these images with layers of acrylic gels and paints.

In this video workshop, Patti will show you several different ways of creating an "encaustic look" without wax! Give an instant wax-like look with topcoat techniques, layer and carve into thick gels and paints for depth and rich color, and more!

Patti Brady goes over the unique properties of GOLDEN OPEN Acrylics, a slow-drying formula unlike any other paint available

Patti Brady demonstrates the use of GOLDEN gels and pastes to build artistic layers. Techniques using Hard Molding Paste with stencils, Glass Bead Gel, Fluid Acrylics, Airbrush Acrylics, Crackle Paste and more.

After creating a shimmering background using Iridescent Color and Glass Bead Gel, Patti Brady walks you through the steps of creating a luminous painting using washes of High Flow color. This is just one of many projects you can try using the materials in the A-Z sets.